Natural Handmade Charcoal Clay Detox and Deep Cleaning for Oily skin types



This  natural handmade soap is loaded with Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay which Provides gentle Detoxification and is perfectly suited for oily, sensitive or just plain dirty skin. The Essential Oils used in this soap give it such a Silky and Luxurious feeling; it can be used as a Facial or Body Cleanser . This super absorbency and its Anti-Bacterial properties are the main reasons and the best ingredient for tackling acne, rashes and pimples. This Soap helps to Tighten Pores, Smooth Skin, Anti-Aging, Deep Cleaning and restore it’s elasticity.

The  activated charcoal skincare given by the Activated Charcoal Soap benefits your skin and clears the pores of all the dirt making your body light and smooth. Clean a lavish amount of lather into your skin, splash it with water and you shall enjoy the spa-like experience, making it the best soap for made in India.

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·         Yes2handmade

Model Name

·          Activated charcoal and  Betonite clay  Soap


·         110 g

Pack of

·         1


·         Yes

Ideal For

·         Men & Women

Fragrance Scent

·         NA


·         and Activated charcoal and clay


·         Bathing Soap

Brand Fragrance

·         Poison 

Skin Type

·         All type

Application Area

·         Body and Face 

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